FLAME Activities

Several activities will be carried out during the 30-month project:

  • A detailed “map of competencies” on material sciences and engineering actors will be provided so as to highlight the best 10 best practices (yardsticks) of collaboration between the industrial and the academic world.
  • A “Train the coaches” sections will be organised with the aim of training facilitators to ease relationships amongst SMEs, research centres and universities with the objective to intensify their relations and interactions.
  • At the end of the project three so called “future labs” will be set up as pilot actions in Italy, Austria and Slovenia. This action will lead to a concrete collaboration between actors from business and science with different aims such as bringing products to market, integrating innovations into SMEs’ value chain, commercialization of products/innovation, exchange of know-how.
  • The project will also be the main tool to collect a set of recommendations to awaken and to influence policy makers of the countries and regions involved on the needs of this particular sector. Being one of the most relevant target groups the project will focus on, decision makers will be contacted to include recommendations, results, implications into their regional and national innovation strategies.