Flame Future Lab - Veneto

Referring to the economic scenario of the Veneto Region, the Future Lab (FL) in Vicenza is charged with the responsibility and challenge of “adding” new functions to a regional innovation system, already composed by several research and technology transfer centres (TTO), integrated with university departments. It has to consider two fundamental guidelines:

  • firstly to interact with advanced organization like the nanotechnology cluster (composed by several units in the network coordinated by Veneto Nanotech), the universities research department and accredited providers of new materials like Matech, Apiplast, etc;
  • Secondly to focus on relevant items “transversal” to some competitive regional industries (i.e. “weight reduction in machinery and automotive components” or development of “new properties in textile/leather materials production and uses or biogas purification).

From the organisation point of view the FL has to compound different competences and services:

  • basic information on MS&E, in order to increase SMEs knowledge about innovation perspectives and to create easy links with existing research centres;
  • training about MS&E, privileging “transversal” items in order to enhance competitiveness;
  • consultancy to SMEs looking for new “production concepts” and market oriented partners for the development of innovative research projects.

A FL task, contributing to overcoming the present imbalance between research and applications by SMEs, relay also in providing specialized figures, the Facilitation Coach (FC), having the responsibility to better codify technical trends in each specific industry, find out “items” transversal to these different industries and fields, trade off of positive and negative effects, innovative solutions and create possible generative interactions at a higher level.

The Vicenza FL will be supported by CPV integrated services like for example patents and IP services, advanced TRIZ services, economic and market surveys, public financing services; while tackling critical challenges like such as “lightweight” materials, replacement of traditional “petrol-chemical” components with “green” materials, giving biodegradability properties to plastic materials, upgrading  material surface performances (water-proof, fire resistance,…), developing energy saving devices,etc.

The Vicenza Future Lab aims at providing the following specialised services:

  • Field analysis and literature review about MS&E critical “items”;
  • Information services about MS&E (newsletters and a web-portal);
  • Training courses for business communities, companies and individuals;
  • Mach-making events;
  • Project Management and consultancy on specific TT and TK trading matters;
  • Comprehensive “package” solutions design (for final users).

The key partners of FL are:

  • CPV study groups (Gruppi di Studio);
  • Research organizations of Padua, Venice and Trento (Universities);
  • Veneto Nanotech – The technology district for nanotechnologies in Veneto;
  • Matech – organization specialized in consultancy about “already existing” new materials;
  • Standard setting and certification bodies;
  • Companies (SMEs).

The real effort of the Future Lab will be that of link research universities centres to SMEs. In order to facilitate these activities the SMEs will be approached through the local cluster organization or the local association they belong to. Later on, the extension of services and transfer knowledge teams to other clients and new sectors will follow the development of internal competences.

Fondazione Giacomo Rumor - Centro Produttività Veneto
Via Eugenio Montal 27
36100 Vicenza
Responsible Facilitation Coaches
Lisa Chilo
Giancarlo Spessato