Past Events

Tooling days

2012-06-13 - 2012-06-14

13th-14th June, 2012 / Kapfenberg / Austria 

Kapfenberg: Industriestadt mit Weltruf!

Kapfenberg ist pulsierender Mittelpunkt und zugleich High-tech Industriezentrum mit Weltruf. Ansässige Key Player, wie etwa Boehlerit, Oerlikon Balzers und die Böhler-Uddeholm Gruppe sind mit ihren erzeugten Spezialprodukten Weltmarktführer. Gemeinsam mit der AREA m styria GmbH und den  Ausbildungsstätten wie der Montanuniversität Leoben und der FH Joanneum, wird eine hochkarätige Veranstaltung zum Thema „TOOLING“ stattfinden um zukünftige Aspekte an Produktivität, Effizienz und die Entwicklung neuer Technologien im Bereich Zerspanung aufzeigen.

Ziel dieser Veranstaltung ist es, einem internationalen Publikum an Technologie und Werkstoffinteressierten, einen Überblick über unterschiedliche Erfahrungen, Strategien und Anwendungsmöglichkeiten in diesem Bereiche zu geben und auch grenzüberschreitende Zusammenschlüsse zu entdecken. Mit Vortragenden aus Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft soll eine fruchtbare Symbiose aus Forschung, Entwicklung und Industrie entstehen.

FLAME matchmaking in Ljubljana


3 centres of excellence and 1 centre of competence (link) will introduce their activities and services they are offering to companies on the field of materials – polymer materials, advanced metal and non-metal materials, nanomaterial, thermoelectric materials, high-tech materials. In the second part of the event there will be opportunity for networking and individual debates for cooperation.


  1. Connecting industry and science
  2. Providing support to companies in development of new products and processes
  3. Modern laboratories - industrial-technological experience, R&D knowledge and top equipment
  4. Networking for future cooperation

Cooperation with:

  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia- Centre of Excellence for Biosensors, Instrumentation and Process Control
  • Centre of Excellence for Low-Carbon Technologies
  • Centre of Excellence Advanced Non-Metal Materials with Technologies of the Future
  • Centre of Excellence in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
  • Centre of Excellence for Polymer Materials and Technologies
  • Centre of Excellence for Studies in Biotechnology, Pharmacy and Physics of Matter
  • Competence Centre for Sustainable and Innovative Construction

Apply on:


The event is organised through FLAME the project involving 11 Central European regions from 8 European countries for supporting the material sciences actors in exploiting their research and commercial potentials. Materials sciences and engineering (MS&E) are significant innovation drivers within the Central European area and thus crucial for competitiveness and economic growth. More information on project website: FLAME.

the FLAME project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE programme co-financed by the ERDF.

TEW - Technology Exhibition Week

2012-05-08 - 2012-05-12

The Technology Exhibitions Week (TEW) will be held in Milan (Italy),  8 – 12 May 2012, a week dedicated to the main industrial technologies with four simultaneous trade fairs held at the same premises:

  • Fluidtrans Compomac
  • Mechanical Power Trasmission & Motion Control
  • Plast
  • Xylexpo

Innovhub – Stazioni Sperimentali per l’industria and CPV—entro Produttivita Venet, in partnership with the FLAME project , organize a Brokerage Event during the Technology Exhibitions Week, collecting clients, companies and stakeholders from the four exhibitions!

  • meet the Italian operators in the sectors of the trade fairs

  • check the latest technological and commercial trends

  • find new technological solutions

  • meet potential business partners

  • find partners for collaborative European R&D projects

  • meet and establish cross-border contacts

5th TB and SC Meeting

2012-03-08 - 2012-03-09

Location: Veneto (Italy)

Focus of TB (Technical Board): Focus put on outcomes of future lab projects, closure activities within WP2 and 5 to ensure effective follow-up and sustainable transferability (scenarios) of project results and outputs.

Focus of SC (Steering Committee): Focus put on the final conference, pending tasks regarding project closure such as results, final report and project anchorage e.g. by the transnational stakeholder grid

4th TB and SC Meeting

2011-11-07 - 2011-11-08

Location: Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Focus of TB (Technical Board): Focus put on activities performed in WP4, i.e. reflexion of coachings incl. outcomes of future lab prospects study group as well as process of future lab projects within WP5 etc.

Focus of SC (Steering Committee):  Focus put on project reach-out and anchorage, interim results, outcomes of WP4, main focus on pending tasks within WP5, monitoring report, analysis of expenditures

4th FLAME Facilitation Coach Training

2011-10-04 - 2011-10-07

Financing KT projects and eventually a FL

The theme of the third training session will be dedicated to what are the guidelines for MS&E innovation funding and new Future Labs establishment. At the end of the third week participants have to:

  • share the same financial vision of the innovation process in MS&E;
  • know how to interact with different kinds of seed capital, venture capital and other funds (public and private);
  • focus on FL scope, value, leadership, management and stakeholders involvement  (business model).

3rd FLAME Facilitation Coach Training

2011-07-11 - 2011-07-15

The FC role and skill

The theme of the third training session will be dedicated to methods and tools the  FC candidate should use when “coaching” people involved in Know How and results of scientific discovers Transfer/Upgrade processes.

Under this light it must be considered the FC should be also a “skilled facilitator” capable to aggregate groups of interest (Research-Tech Mediation &Transfer-SMEs)  in order to improve  MS&E implementations and business opportunities  at CEU level.

At the end of the third session participants have to:

  • Can refer their future work to a set of behaviors and tools that are characteristic of the coach’s activity, especially when  a scientific business oriented frame is concerned;
  • Be able to design, propose and successfully close a “Know How Transfer/Upgrade coaching plan” as requested from one or both actors (researchers and/or SMEs);
  • Foresee the risks that a proposed coaching plan may imply and have abilities to handle good tricks if the case.
  • Acquire a better understanding of the “different languages” between actors of science & business researchers, SMEs and mediators;
  • Facilitate the interaction between MS&E actors in order to improve chances for development of new materials and products.

2nd FLAME Facilitation Coach Training

2011-06-06 - 2011-06-10

Knowledge Transfer (KT) and “research to applications” processes

The theme of the second training session will be dedicated to how to conceptualize and manage generative relationships between research units and SMEs. At the end of the second  training session participants have to:

  • share the same KT process flow chart and a glossary of key words (concerning with MS&E, coaching, innovation, SMEs, etc…)
  • know how to design and manage KT projects, control problems and threats,
  • know how to develop a business plan or budget for any single innovation process, but also how to run a FL (a variety of different tasks and a combination of economic and cultural activities)
  • focus on FC role, skill and useful knowledge (as invention process leaders).

1st FLAME Facilitation Coach Training

2011-05-16 - 2011-05-20

Socialization and understanding Flame

The theme of the first training session will be dedicated to the socialization among participants and the understanding of Flame project. At the end of the first week training session participants have to:

  • share the same Knowledge Transfer perspective and Flame project key concepts, tools and approach to innovation;
  • know each other and define an internal division of labor in order to better identify and take up 
  • knowledge Transfer and projects of research results valorization (on which to work during the training);
  • focus on Facilitation Coach role and personal commitment



During the 2011 Festival, the FLAME project will be presented in a seminar where high level speakers will discuss about the "MS&E Facilitation Coach European Network to empower collaboration University-Entrepreneurship ".

The 2011 Festival is dedicated to High speed Infrastructures and Networks for the 2019 Metropolis European Capital of Culture. It will be held in the Veneto region from April 27 to May the 1st . The promoting cities will offer a series of appointments, that will emphasize their talents  and projects, developing a theme that will be the central thread among the various debates. Some meetings will be organised with guidelines by the Scientific Committee; some others are connected to companies, stakeholders, associations and foundations that host the Festival. As in the 3rd edition, the Festival will propose some Events that will take place in symbolic locations of the NorthEast metropolis. The innovation of the 2011 edition are the Routes, which consist in travelling and theme-based events that move on the ridges of the cultural metro-lines.

The Festival will host big international and national guests, that will help to build and compare real projects involving the various areas of the Northeast of Italy. It comprises: 24 sponsors, 6 media partners, 21 locations, 70 events among meetings and conferences, 4 cultural routes, 55 prize winners among companies, public administrations and personalities, 300 speakers.

The FLAME Seminar will be held in Schio, Vicenza (Italy) - Thursday 28th April 2011 – from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Event Schedule

Welcome and introduction

  • Giorgio Pizzolato, Vice - Mayor of Schio
  • Antonio Girardi, director of Veneto Productivity Centre

Project FLAME presentation and Facilitation Coaches network

  • Mara Tumiati, Flame communication manager (InnovHub CCIAA MI)

Results of survey on the relationship between Research and SMEs contextualized in a scenario Veneto and Central Europe

  • Paolo Gurisatti, expert in economics and new enterprise development

Experiences in material science

  • Małgorzata Lewandowska, Vice-Dean for Scientific Research of the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology.
  • Alberto Tiziani, professor of Metallic Materials at the Engineering Faculty of the University of Padova

To enhance the research for the benefit of local companies

  • Martina Terconi, Head of Centre Plastics & New Materials Project Innovation Network ® - Technology Transfer Service AREA Science Park
  • Riccardo Priore, Life Science Analyst Relations at the Research Services Operative Unite - Technology Transfer Service of AREA Science Park

Presentation of the profile of “MS&E Facilitation Coach” and future possible developments of professional profile

  • Enrico Bressan, responsible of education and training of Veneto Productivity Centre

Moderator: Donato Bedin , senior expert in Technology Transfer processes

See the festival website:

3rd TB and SC Meeting

2011-04-11 - 2011-04-12

Location: Poprad (Slovakia)

Focus of TB (Technical Board): Focus put on activities (to be) performed in WP4, i.e. listing experts for 2nd pilot facilitaion coaching, selecting SMEs for the study visits

Focus of SC (Steering Committee): Focus put on out-reach and anchorage activities as well as further progress made within WP4 and planning the 1st pilot incl. monitoring, analysis of expenditure

FLAME WP4-Meeting


FLAME promotion conference at MATERIALICA-fair


During the MATERIALICA fair in Munich, on October the 20th, form 11.00 to 13.00, the FLAME project will hold a promotion conference, where project objectives, activities and strategy will be presented to the public.

For your free fair-entrance please contact Mr. Oliver Freund,!

2nd Steering Committee and Technical Board Meeting

2010-09-30 13:00 - 2010-10-01 14:00

All project partners will meet in Nuremberg form September 30th to October the 1st, to discuss in details future activites of the FLAME project and all work pakage management.

Location: Nuremberg (Germany)

Focus of TB (Technical Board): Focus put on activities (to be) performed in WP2, 3 and 4, i.e. newsletter, stakeholder dialogues, common strategy guide, facilitation coaching preparation etc.

Focus of SC (Steering Committee): Focus put on project out-reach and anchorage activities as well as progress in WP3 and planning WP4, analysis of expenditures


2010-09-13 - 2010-09-17

URBIS Invest – The International fair on investments opportunities and business opportunities and regional development is the international investment fair specialising in investment opportunities and development in the regions of Central and Eastern European countries. This is the largest show of investment opportunities in all the regions of the Czech Republic, active regions and cities in Slovakia, and a number of foreign regions (in 2010 Poland, Russia), and a gathering of investors, developers, financial institutions, real estate professionals and all groups in the municipal and state sphere, institutions, real estate professionals and all groups in the municipal and state sphere. The largest gathering of high-ranking regional development representatives from regional and municipal authorities every year

  • representatives from regional and municipal authorities every year high-ranking representatives of all regions of the Czech Republic and the majority of regions of Slovakia – a gathering of presidents of Czech the majority of regions of Slovakia – a gathering of presidents of Czech regions and Slovak provinces
  • the personal participation of at least 350 mayors and more than 1,000 other representatives of municipal authorities, regional development workers and staff from ministries, agencies, chambers of commerce, foreign embassies, etc.

In the year 2010 URBIS Invest was visited by 71.347 people from 59 countries. There were 1.153 exhibiting companies from 25 countries. Exhibition area was 36.356 sqm. 

Technology Innovation centre displayed the FLAME project leaflets and was answering the visitors’ questions about the FLAME project at the Zlin region stand.


Ing. Petra Al Azawy

Technologické inovační centrum s.r.o.

Vavrečkova 5262, 760 01 Zlín

Tel: 573 776 253

Mob: 734 443 878

FLAME Kick-off Meeting

2010-03-25 - 2010-03-26

Location: Kapfenberg (Austria)

Focus of TB (Technical Board): Focus put on the activities to be performed in WP2 and 3 i.e. e.g. website set-up, press briefing, competence and innovation yardsticks, virtual landscape set-up etc.

Focus of SC (Steering Committee): Focus put on implementation of 1st project activities and communication plan, partly organised in workshops to jointly elaborate plans, following the KoM