Flame Future Lab - Eastern Upper Styria

The focus of the Austrian future lab will be on “Materials and Lightweight Construction” mainly for the aerospace & automotive industry. Target is the pooling of competences in the fields: metals (steel, alloy, light metals, cutting and non-cutting, production technologies, surface treatment and coating), composites and polymers. Finally the Future Lab will improve the capacities and potentials on the basis the basis of exchanging competencies in the issues mentioned.

The main focus of the Austrian Future Lab will be:

  • Searching for good ideas (Scouting)
  • Sorting of inconsistent ideas (Screening)
  • Concept development and determination of strategic range (Scoping)
  • Decision of Realization and project definition (Scoring)
  • Finding cooperation partners

Like mentioned above the Austrian Future Lab is focused on the generation and development of ideas. This will happen within 4 steps: SCOUTING; SCREENING; SCOPING; SCORING which should support the “clients” within the development and the generation of ideas.

The Austrian Future Lab will offer the following services to their clients:

  • Tools for the development and generation of ideas
  • Information on the strategic environment of the FLAME regions within the Central Europe area
  • Cooperation partners within the network of FLAME
  • Regional and international networking
  • Facilitation, promotion and exchange of very innovative companies, organisations,...
  • Use of regional and international contacts
  • Know how transfer

Based on the fact that the focus of the Austrian Future Lab will be on “materials and lightweight construction” mainly for aerospace and automotive industry the target clients should be mainly settled down in this area. Target clients could be:

  • Local SME´s
  • Start-ups
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Spin-offs
  • People who are having an idea for  an start-up company
  • Companies which are looking for cooperation partners
  • Companies which are having an idea for an innovation
AREA m styria GmbH
Koloman-Wallisch-Platz 1
8605 Kapfenberg 
Responsible Facilitation Coach
Oliver Freund